Must Read: @Viticci on 1 year with the iPad Pro

I’m currently reading the eBook version (via Club Macstories) and it’s excellent, a really deep-dive look at using an iPad Pro for everything. I’m not quite there yet, but I can see a situation where I take the larger iPad Pro for my next upgrade…

I wasn’t sure I needed a 12.9-inch iPad when Apple announced the iPad Pro in September 2015. And yet, over a year later, the iPad Pro is, by far, the best computer I’ve ever owned. I’ve never felt so satisfied with any other Apple device before – but the transition wasn’t easy.

Source: A Computer for Everything: One Year of iPad Pro – MacStories

Protecting your online identity – December 2016

Why now?

The steady stream of news stories detailing security breaches of online services & databases, combined with the increasingly intrusive surveillance legislation in the UK (represented most recently by the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 – or “snooper’s charter”), has meant I’ve been doing a lot of reading around protecting my security and privacy when online (i.e. most of the time!).

The response from many people when discussing online surveillance is “I have nothing to hide, why should I care?

Aside from the havoc that identity theft can cause on one’s life and finances, new laws such as the IPA set a baseline or ‘norm’ where such a level of surveillance against a general population is seen as normal for a democratic (and peaceful) society; surely some push back against that idea is to be welcomed? Glen Greenwald’s TED talk on why privacy matters is an excellent primer on why this affects everyone.

As part of its excellent summary of VPNs, The Wirecutter explains why a VPN service is suitable for most people; it’s well worth a read.

What do I do?

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Economies at a glance – Excellent FT dashboards

I have only just discovered these pages, but for anyone looking for simple and beautifully designed ‘dashboards’ for key economic indicators , these are superb (ideal to read in conjunction with Finimize).

There are also versions for the US, Japanese and Chinese economies.

The FT’s one-stop shop for key economic data, including GDP, inflation, unemployment, the major business surveys, the public finances and house prices

Source: UK economy: GDP growth, interest rates and inflation statistics