Off to Switzerland for my brother’s wedding; 30 deg in Geneva, between 9-20 at 1800m. Am enjoying the challenge of ‘one-bagging’ for this trip, Outlier & Bluffworks feature heavily. Cheating slightly with a PeakDesign Sling too for camera, iPad etc.

Following the cleaning up of my iPhone X “first screen”, inspired by [Tim Nahumck](, I’ve now tackled my iPad and it does make a difference having a clean opening screen; daily essentials in the dock and everything else in folders. Cleaner, neater, calmer.

I’ve enjoyed pulling together my “Life Stack” page and realising all the amazing apps, hardware and services out there. I’ll keep building this out and hopefully may help someone (or just be a useful personal record!)

Felt quite moved by the latest instalment of Westworld, “Kiksuya” – wonderful story of love and empathy leading to greater enlightenment. Oh and the scenery is stunning!