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100% recycled clothing by Patagonia

 Three cheers to Patagonia for leading the way on sustainability in clothing (see their Footprint page for more):

Patagonia has been diverting resources from the landfill since 1993 when we made the first fleece from recycled plastic bottles. Since then, we’ve learned how to use more and more recycled materials in our clothing without sacrificing performance or quality. This season it all comes together in the re\\\collection—styles made with all sorts of recycled materials, including 100% recycled down, 100% recycled wool and 100% recycled polyester with 85% recycled polyester labels, 80% recycled zippers and 50% recycled buttons. This is radically resourceful clothing, built to keep you warm and ready to be recycled again when the time comes.

Source: re\\collection: 100% recycled clothing by Patagonia

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